Okapi Projects

There are various projects which already use Okapi.

local.ch uses Okapi for all frontend aspects. Internally a service-oriented architecture is used, where backend services execute searches, provide data from various sources and also handle persistency where needed. The frontend communicates with the backend over a REST XML interface. Okapi's models are used to communicate with those services, while the XSLT views are perfect for styling the XML responses.
The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) of the Swiss public radio DRS is a business critical back office application to manage all the aspects of the program for the multiple channels of Radio DRS. Okapi is used for the whole application - for delivering the administration frontend GUI to the editors within the radio and providing the needed data via a REST-Style API to the public web page. JSON, XML, XSLT and YUI are important parts of this application, as well.
The E-Learning project iconomix - an initiative by the Swiss National Bank - uses Okapi to deliver the content of the pages and to communicate with the Open Source E-Learning Platform Moodle in the backend. The site is accessible, follows a lot of standards, is easily scalable and uses a smart session handling with the backend, thanks to the underlying XML/XSLT and Okapi technology.
Best of Swiss WebBest of Swiss Web
In 2007 and 2008 the "Best of Swiss Web Technology Quality" seal of approval went to Okapi projects. local.ch in 2007, Iconomix in 2008.

Liip and local.ch are always developing new projects with Okapi. Stay tuned for more.